Roulette myths - all secrets revealed

Generally speaking, a huge number of mystical guesses have always accumulated around this gambling game. This is probably the reason why there are even more myths, secrets and superstitions that players believe should bring good luck.

Most of these myths sound, to put it mildly, absurd, but even this does not prevent beginner players from believing in them and losing their money. That is why they should carefully study the information about this game and everything that relates to it, in order to distinguish the truth from the lie next time.

So, myths

There are also myths about the notorious blackjack game or about the game of slots, and they are a bit similar to the most common myths about roulette, but the latter are still different and contain the following assumptions:

Myths about the game

  • Myth # 1: if you play many times, you can end up with a strategy for the game that will bring a lot of money to the player.

Truth: everyone knows that roulette is a game of luck and victory is a matter of chance, so it is useless to calculate any strategies.

  • Myth # 2: There is only one kind of roulette

True: there are two types - European and American roulette, they differ in the number of cells in the wheel and the type of bets that players can make.

Betting Myths

  • Myth # 3: Distributing your money correctly is the path to success.

Truth: it is obvious that counting your money and keeping track of how much has already been spent, is much more useful than not do it at all. However, it is far from certain that this will lead you to victory.

  • Myth # 4: it doesn't matter what bet you make

True: no, it IS IMPORTANT which bet the player makes, because different bets imply different wins, and besides, there is a better chance of winning if you bet on even / odd or red / black than just pick a number.

Always remember what you learn here.

In general, keeping in mind what you read here is very useful for your future online real money gambling . Although, there is no certainty that new myths will not appear that will sound so true that everyone will believe in them again. However, you should always remember what you have learned about this game.

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