Casino cheating - yes or no?

Although most of the popular guides, recommendations and tips for gamblers contain legal information, some of the techniques described in them are prohibited in both online and land-based casinos, as they violate the rules of the game in order to increase someone's winnings.

Therefore, there is no detailed description of how to fraudulently win a lot of money in a casino. Rather, it tells about the possibilities to save your money and increase your winnings.

Be aware that all casino cheating techniques take a long time to prepare, even if the player is an experienced professional, and, in addition, you need to be very observant and attentive to the specifics of the system through which the game will be played. As the saying goes, you can't get a fish out of the pond without difficulty, but nothing impossible also exists.

Among the huge number of cheating techniques in casinos, the most common ones can be distinguished, which are as follows:

  • Roulette game

The most common methods of cheating when playing roulette are Past Posting, where the dealer adds chips to the winning bet, and Top Hatting, where the chips move to the winning number. These techniques require the player to have excellent coordination of movements or close acquaintance with the dealer.

Moreover, the roulette wheel itself can help you win, unless, of course, other players notice that the wheel is incorrectly installed. Such tilted wheels did a great service to Charles Wells, the most famous "cheater" of roulette.

  • Slots

In general terms, the methods of cheating for slot machines boil down to controlling either the coin counter (as in The Paw of a Monkey) or the coins themselves (Shaved Coins), when the same coins can be played several times.

  • Card Games

The abundance of all kinds of cheating methods in card games is simply striking in its variety, but some of them can be carried out only in land-based casinos . The most commonly used methods include splashing cards, dealing the second card (the topmost card is moved away, and the deck starts with the second card), swapping cards. The latter method is distinguished by the most complicated technique - the player needs to unnoticeably for others and literally in one instant replace the dealt card with another, taking it, for example, from his sleeve.

  • Sport

Doping for an athlete or an animal is hardly a recommendation for a gambler, although doping is often used by those who want to influence the outcome of a competition or game.

In general, as you understood, the above methods and techniques sound so that they certainly want to be implemented. But remember, none of them are acceptable for fair play at slots for real money Ukraine , so think a few times before using them.

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Where did cheating come from and what is it?

The cheating technique is also used in losing weight, in order to speed up the metabolic processes, the same essence here, you speed up your reaction, your abilities.

I would also like to assure you that cheating on slots and casinos is a long past stage. In the past, it was possible to cheat with a slot machine if you tried hard, and you didn't have to be proficient in the software of online slot machines. If you think so, then as such the profession of a programmer did not yet exist. But people managed to throw fake coins into the slot and play. After some time, the system was redesigned and, thanks to negative experience, gaps in the operation and security of slots were eliminated.

Is cheating possible and real? Yes! Over the course of the existence of online slots, there have been several attempts to cheat, but thanks to such a case, the creators of the slot were able to improve their slots and make them ideal in terms of security. Of course, everyone only loves tobogganing, but remember that instead of concentrating on endless plans to outwit the casino, you can just waste your lucky time and lose twice as much! For scams with casinos you have to pay very dearly, and sometimes with your freedom. All famous swindlers ended up behind bars, so you need to be aware of what you are doing and what games you are playing. Sites that give you advice on how to play, cheating strategies simply mislead you, these are all myths, trusting in which you can run into a whole mountain of trouble. Perhaps only the programmers themselves and the creators of the slots could do something like that, but even they do not risk doing this, and why?

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