Classic slots: characteristic features and general rules of the game

If you are a novice gambler, to start playing at casino for money with withdrawal it is recommended to choose classic slots, which will not take much time to learn. Such simulators completely repeat the features of machines that adorned the halls of land-based establishments. The developers have carefully transferred all the features of gaming machines to the digital space and continue to release similar games.

Game rules and construction

Classic slot machines usually consist of three or five reels, the standard set of symbols is supplemented with special bonus pictures, the possibilities for customizing the playing field are limited.

The start of the spin is carried out immediately after the player makes a bet, the cost of each circle can be adjusted according to three main options. Users can choose the number of paylines, the size of the bet itself and the denomination of each coin that are used in this machine. Not all of the options listed are available on some models, so you should check the features of the games in advance.

After the bet is placed, the reels start moving, sometimes the rotation can be stopped forcibly. As soon as the dropped pictures freeze on the screen, the winnings are calculated, its amount and availability depends on the number of identical symbols following each other. It is necessary to collect at least two matching symbols for a player's account to be replenished by a certain amount.


Classic type slots have the same controls, the developers try to make them as similar as possible to real prototypes. The game screen with reels looks like a table with vertical stripes on which symbols are located. The number of paylines may differ in different machines, but one row located in the center is considered traditional. The size of the bet varies from 1 to 5 coins, so you can change the value of the spin depending on your preferences.

The main indicator of winning – these are prize combinations that are made up of the same symbols. Depending on the machine, the set of such successful combinations will be different, but the entire list of potential winning lines is given in the paytable. An interesting feature is that gaming software makers have expanded the scope of the genre. If earlier only fruit machines fell into the category of classics, today games on space or historical themes are created according to this principle.

Bonuses and special symbols

There were no bonus symbols in the classic machines that were in land-based casinos, but the software manufacturers decided to correct this annoying omission, and bonus combinations appeared in the digital versions. To get a special prize and increase your chances of winning, you need to collect a certain set of pictures on the field. The values and the required number of symbols vary depending on the slot itself, so we recommend that you carefully study the paytable.

The most common reward option is to add a bonus round where you have to play a mini-game and the ability to start a risk game. In the first case, the player will have to choose the correct answer or guess the object in order to get an increased multiplier. The risk round assumes a win and makes it possible to increase the amount in just a few seconds.

The main advantage of such a simulator lies in clear rules and a simple interface, so it's easy to figure out how to configure it. In addition, such slots have a high percentage of return, there may be a progressive jackpot and increased multipliers. The combination of these features has turned classic simulators into a great entertainment option for both beginners and professionals. A variety of themes and original design solutions will help you choose a slot that will not only give you a solid win, but also please the eye.

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