Progressive slots – features of new generation video slots

The world of gambling has received a new round of development after the emergence of online clubs, and progressive slots have become an excellent indicator of how traditional games can be improved. The main feature of this machine is the presence of a special prize – a jackpot that exceeds players' wildest expectations.

What is the difference between a slot with a jackpot and a regular one

Slot machines, in which the increased amounts are played, do not look much different from ordinary machines. Here players will find the same field with reels, for which you need to place a bet to spin. Such games are created according to the standards of a modern video slot, so here you can choose the number of paylines and limit the size of the playing field. The winning is calculated depending on how successful the spin was and how many identical symbols were placed in one line.

The main difference is the presence of a special picture, with the appearance of which the main prize is drawn. To get a win, you need to collect a combination of five symbols, such a prize set will bring a huge amount of money. It is worth noting how the developers keep the balance: usually, such slots have lower payouts for the usual prize combinations. There are also no bonus rounds and free spins games in the distribution, so the only hope remains for special pictures.

Game Rules

As already mentioned, slots with a progressive jackpot do not differ in functionality from ordinary slots, so you won't have to go through a long training course. However, the chances that you will quickly get the right combination are rather low, so it is worth carefully studying the paytable and developing your own strategy.

Professionals advise trying different slot machines for real money , as in some versions the rules and conditions of distribution may slightly change. It is better to choose products from well-known manufacturers with a high percentage of returns. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the presence of bonus symbols and the size of the multipliers in order to think over all the factors that can lead to success.

Types of jackpots

Every casino visitor dreams of winning a jackpot, but not everyone approaches this issue thoroughly. First you need to understand the terminology. The progressive jackpot is the prize pool that is collected from all bets in a separately selected game. That is, the winnings depend on how many players have already bet in this slot and when this amount was reset. At the moment of hitting the jackpot, the lucky player takes all the accumulated money, and the prize starts accumulating from scratch.

There are several types of such a prize fund:

  • Home. In this case, the winning amount is formed within the club, the jackpot is replenished from several machines that are present in the gaming hall.
  • Standalone progressive. Each slot machine generates its own jackpot, which is collected from the percentage of the winnings. The amount of such a jackpot can exceed tens of thousands of dollars, and the chances of getting this prize are quite high.
  • Global. The formation of the fund is managed by a third party with whom the casino cooperates or a software manufacturer. The winning amount in this case can reach several million, deductions from bets vary from 2 to 7 percent.  

Depending on the casino policy, you can find only one type of jackpot or several options at a time.

An important component of any jackpot is the counter, which indicates the amount of savings at the moment. With the help of such an information board, players get the opportunity to watch the growth of the prize fund in real time and get a powerful incentive to fight.

Online casino administrators understand how large winnings can affect a visitor. The counter is usually located in a prominent place and is designed in such a way that it is impossible not to notice it.

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