Blackjack myths - what you need to know

Today blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. For this reason, the number of people interested in this game and wanting to learn how to play it has grown significantly.

Naturally, novice players who want to become professionals spend a lot of time looking for tips, all kinds of tips or some special secrets that should help them increase their chances of winning. But, unfortunately, it is very difficult for beginners who play slots for money on the phone - to avoid a huge amount of false information about blackjack, which they think is absolutely correct.

The main and most common myths

These can be the following assumptions:

  • Counting cards in the game is the key to victory

REMEMBER, counting cards or keeping track of their shuffling in the deck helps in the game, but if you are an experienced player. And even if you are careful and think well, this strategy will not work for a protracted game.

  • Insurance in blackjack is needed to protect your money

The assumption sounds very true and tempting, but it is the most USELESS step a player can take. In addition, most analysts believe that insurance in blackjack never pays off.

  • Players joining the table in the middle of the game may reduce others' chances of winning

There is NO obvious evidence of this fact. Rather, the outcome of the game may depend on the luck of the joining player or his knowledge of the basic blackjack strategy.

  • If the dealer has the first card "deuce", then the player is likely to lose

This is POSSIBLE if the dealer has a "ten" on the second card. Better yet, it's an ace that will give you more points.

  • Knowing the basic strategy of the game guarantees victory

Playing the strategy "live" or online is certainly more useful, BUT it still does not give a guarantee of victory, because blackjack is better known as a game of luck.

  • Knowing the game's features such as bluffing or the influence of an unlucky player will lead to victory

NONE of the myths or prejudices about blackjack have ever proven themselves one hundred percent. It is undoubtedly very useful to be aware of the main myths about this game, but, at the same time, the belief that it will save you from losing is the most common myth and blackjack.

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