Secrets of Fortune. Imaging strategy

On the way to winning in gambling, most gamblers resort to various methods and techniques in order to attract fortune. Everyone follows their own principles in the game, and the main goal in it is to bring winnings.

In our time, such methods of enrichment as well-known conspiracies and spells have receded into the background. Although they still have not completely lost their popularity, their usefulness has diminished significantly. Today, they have been replaced by completely new ways of attracting luck - the use of sciences such as numerology, astrology and, of course, psychology.

Psychology reaches the top

It has been proven that psychology is more related to the concept of luck than other sciences. Unlike numerology, for example, it has one important advantage, thanks to which it has recently become incredibly popular among players around the world. This advantage lies in the fact that if in astrology or numerology luck is almost impossible to change, since it mainly depends either on the date of birth or on the name, the psychological approach, in turn, involves the ability to change your way of thinking and thus influence the outcome of the game, or at least the attitude towards it.

Envisioning the future

Along with a positive way of thinking, which is generally considered to be beneficial, there is also a so-called visualization strategy, which looks more effective if a person wants to get more benefits. Its essence lies in the fact that the process of visualizing certain desired events in one way or another changes the future in accordance with speculative models.

Thus, when a player dreams of incredible profits , he should imagine a situation where he has already won. It should be noted that the visualization strategy is not at all simple, as any other model of the future must be as accurate as possible. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the player to help. Thus, you should provide for all the smallest details, trifles and features of the presented situation, draw them yourself brightly and colorfully.

Key tips on what to include in the model of the desired future in the visualization strategy:

  • Location

When playing Android casino for real money , you should recreate the entire gaming space in your imagination, starting from the exact place at the table where you are sitting.

If a person plays online, he should clearly imagine the interface of a certain site.

  • Colors

In a visualization strategy, one should usually imagine the situation in bright colors associated with joy and happiness. The light should also be bright.

  • Exact event

In the same way as in the strategy of optimism, you need to accurately describe in your head a winning situation, especially when it comes to the jackpot. In particular, when playing the slot machines, one should imagine how a winning combination appears on the screen, what sound effects accompany it and, of course, all the details of the player's reaction: shouts, gestures, even a feeling of happiness.

NB! It is very important to create a model of the future, at least until the moment a person puts money in their pockets, or better yet, in a safe suitcase. Otherwise, the situation may end in different ways, not excluding the loss of winnings.

So, while the visualization strategy does not work in all cases, the very procedure of imagining a happy future is also incredibly exciting, so why not give it a try?

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