Pirates & ndash; gambling, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum

Pirates – demanded plot in gambling. Such models contain a lot of interesting additions, including free spins, risk game and much more. It is completely free to start the spins of pirate slots, as the developers add such an interesting mode to their creations as the demo. Those who love this genre in films and computer games will definitely appreciate the models presented, where pirates sail on ships, and a bright parrot often acts as helpers.

Unique traits

Pirate-themed slot machines invite users to go in search of untold treasures. Despite the fact that all models in this direction are very similar to each other, it is still possible to distinguish them: each developer adds unique features to his characters, interface and general design. However, almost all slots have the following icons in their character set:

  • black flag with bones;
  • a sailor with one eye or a hook instead of an arm, a cocked hat on his head;
  • parrot or monkey;
  • crossed sabers;
  • coins with a skull;
  • jewelry in the chest;
  • map.

In addition to the main round, the machines offer to take part in bonus rounds and get one step closer to the treasures. Paylines can be a true guide to treasures, and the luckiest players who love gambling online will find their way to the jackpot.

Popular Models

It is difficult to single out the most popular slot machines, since this plot is popular in itself, however, players can give preference to specific brands or they are interested in bonus rounds and other additions. Especially often, users play the drums of such models as Golden Ahai, Jolly Roger, Treasure Island. and the Ghost Pirates.

The theme is quite popular with manufacturers, they strive to give players more prizes, so special symbols help to collect combinations.

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