Luck figures. Lucky Birthday Numbers

Undoubtedly, no matter how passionate players insist that it is their own methods and skills acquired in the process of practice that predetermine the outcome of the game, luck remains the main harbinger of victory.

So, no matter how hard we try to win with the help of both familiar and unusual, invented by us, methods, for example, such as calculating cards, the result of the game still depends on our luck, or in some cases, failure. And, despite the fact that luck is considered to be a rather picky lady, people do not get tired of coming up with different ways to attract her.

Lucky Numbers

With the advent of in-game numerology, the desire for players to find their lucky numbers has grown incredibly, and lucky birthday numbers are today considered one of the real ways to win more.

The way of counting lucky birthday numbers is actually pretty simple. Its essence lies in adding up all the digits of the date of birth, until the moment, until you get a single-digit number. For example, if a person was born on May 25, he should be counted as follows:

1) 25 +5 = 30 2) 3 +0 = 3. In this case, the lucky number is 3.

According to the lucky numbers of the date of birth, players are advised to bet in much the same way as with the lucky numbers of the name, choosing only winning combinations.

What to look for

However, certain personal parameters are highlighted, depending on which the lucky numbers of a person's date of birth are determined. Include the following options:

  1. People tend to be lucky in the game if they are not too absorbed in gameplay and keep raising their stakes.
  2. If the lucky number is 2, then you should choose games that require intuition and patience.
  3. If people take gambling too seriously, they should stay calm while playing to avoid stress.
  4. If the lucky number is 4, then the gambler is definitely lucky in gambling, no matter what he plays, although real money slots for android are the most fortunate choice in their case.
  5. People are generally lucky in all games, including slot machines, roulette, or card games such as blackjack. At the same time, they should always remember that they have a good chance of becoming addicted to gambling.
  6. If the lucky number is 6, it is considered lucky in gambling, but if it is successful, it loses its power, so it is recommended to stop playing immediately.
  7. Games of luck do not bring people with such a lucky number a lot of success and money.
  8. If the lucky number is 8, it is recommended not to gamble at all unless the person wants to go bankrupt.
  9. It's best for such people to keep playing even if they are unlucky, as luck will definitely return soon.

Stick to common sense

And so, despite the fact that numerology is based on a scientific approach to things, it still remains difficult to prove that it really brings results in the game. Therefore, one should be prudent when using lucky name numbers or date of birth in gambling.

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