Talismans of Fortune - Spells That Benefit

It is clear that the number of modern myths in the gambling world is simply off scale. Moreover, more and more superstitions are constantly appearing, attracting the attention of many players and further consolidating themselves as so-called successful gaming signs and rituals, regardless of whether it is in a real casino or online.

While quite diverse, the most popular gaming superstitions contain a wide range of options for players, although not all of them are suitable for every online gambling without registration as certain rituals for slot machines that can hardly be applied to blackjack or roulette, for example, unless the player wants to feel like a fool. However, there are many lucky charms used by almost all keen gamblers, and they are believed to attract luck.


Even without taking into account some unique personal talismans of good luck, of which there are a huge number, there are also amulets no less famous among most people. They can act hidden in a pocket, or vice versa, openly demonstrated to the public.

In general, popular lucky charms or amulets include the following:


They are considered to bring good luck, especially those bracelets in which someone hit the jackpot.


To make candles for good luck, some players light them at home and bring them to the casino.

Rabbit's foot

This is probably the most famous of the globally recognized talismans of luck, which is mentioned in the secrets of both blackjack and roulette, for example, and often lies in the pockets of players separately or in addition.

Silver Dime

In fact, it can be not only a dime, but also any silver coin that should protect the player from bad luck if he is in the casino with him.


A piece of iron ore that attracts good luck if you put it in your pocket before going to the casino.


Wherever this superstition comes from, nutmeg is truly renowned for its ability to bring good luck back to the one who scared it off.

Number 7

It is known that the number "7" brings good luck, and even a picture of it with a player, by conviction, will increase his winnings. There are also other luck numbers .


As for these talismans, they are considered to be truly useful for players , such as a four-leaf clover (usually kept in a wallet) or five-leaf grass. In addition, these special herbs are often included in various game rites.

The more original the better

Obviously, the above lucky charms do not include the entire list, which also contains special soaps (clean hands for luck), cinnamon shavings, or even books of fortune that players take to the casino. However, it's always best to find your own spell that will be more useful in this case.

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