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Characteristics of the Russian Poker slot machine

Slot names Russian Poker, Russian Poker
Themes Classic

Recently, the card game of poker is considered a sport in the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Russian Poker slot machine is in great demand among fans of this entertainment. Having a clear strategy, the user will be able to get a good profit from starting to play on the presented slot.

Machine theme and rules

To play for real money in the Russian Poker slot, you need to understand the rules of this game. So, the participant receives a pair of cards, and 5 sheets are opened on the table to collect combinations. Before seeing them, the gambler will have to make a bet, for which there are corresponding keys at the bottom of the playing field. Please note that the payouts in the machine are made only when a combination of Straight or higher is collected. Naturally, the slot machine has no reels and lines.

Special machine combinations

Every poker fan is well versed in the combinations of this fun. So, by tradition, the highest paid in the Russian Poker slot machine is Royal Flush. In the event that a participant collects such a set of cards, his rate will be increased a thousand times. You can try to collect one of the combos for free using the corresponding mode, which does not require investments.  

Double game

Since the Russian Poker slot is a purely card slot, there is no talk of a risk game. Instead, the user will be able to insure their bet by getting it back if the dealer does not collect any paid combination, even in demo mode.

Pay for combos and bonuses

The player gets paid only for combinations of symbols Street and higher. For the indicated combo of cards, the payout is 40 to one, and the highest combination will bring 1000 gamblers' bets. The device does not have a bonus round.

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