Marine theme in slots – a genre that everyone loves

The marine theme in gambling is quite extensive, it includes various pirate slots, as well as models that are somehow connected with the sea and the ocean. Video slots of such a theme are in the portfolio of almost every modern developer; manufacturers supplement them not only with a high-quality picture, but also with some functions, such as free spins. When creating slot machines, developers try to create a unique product that will interest players. These models are distinguished by colorful graphics and an intuitive interface, and additional functions make the slots not only visually pleasing, but also financially profitable. The theme of the games is especially vividly traced in the set of symbols, only those images are used that directly speak of the ocean and its marine inhabitants.

Subject Features

Marine-themed slots are divided into categories:

  • pirated;
  • adventure;
  • underwater.

It's easy to understand that this is a marine slot: only images corresponding to the theme will appear on the payline. Despite the fact that the genre is common, each category has its own distinctive features, which are most often manifested in the set of characters, for example, in pirate games, you can almost always see rum, flag and saber. Apparatuses dedicated to sea inhabitants will introduce you to various fish, rays and other sea creatures. Spinning the reels of adventure models, the player will get acquainted with Robinson Crusoe, and also go on a virtual journey on a real ship.

In order to fully maintain the stylistics, even common and wild symbols are stylized under the marine theme. Playing for real money on the Internet is even more interesting thanks to additional bonus rounds. Collecting winning combinations using additional functions is much easier, which means that the prize will not be long in coming. By starting the spins of the reels, the player dives headlong into the ocean, and, perhaps, he will be able to find sea treasures.

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