Jewelry (Diamonds) – sparkling slot machine symbols

There are different themes in the genre of gambling entertainment, but some players prefer slots where jewels (diamonds) dominate. Many developers use bright and colorful stones as the main characters, because they are able to hypnotize anyone with their brilliance.

Types and features of slots

Slots and mobile money games in the treasure hunting genre can have three or five reels and a limited number of paylines. The set of prize combinations includes gems, symbols of luck and lucky sevens. During the distribution, there may be wild symbols and special symbols that bring free spins. The combination of attractive design and bonus rounds have made slots of this theme very popular in casinos.

The first devices with sparkling heroes appeared in gaming clubs in the 40s, so the history of such entertainment goes back almost a hundred years. Gradually, technology developed and new methods of creating games appeared. Modern machines represent a real perfection in terms of graphical implementation. During the development, special attention is paid to creating a unique story that receives an original visual embodiment. Each slot machine receives an unusual design of the control panel and game symbols, so it is impossible to mix up slots.

Do not think that such machines can only tell about jewelry and have nothing else to offer casino visitors. Themed games can be about adventure, history and even heist – you have the right to choose the version of the story that you like more than others, and feel like a real treasure hunter. Slot machines of this kind are found in the catalog of each manufacturer, but the creation of such slots requires significant resources. As a rule, only large companies are engaged in their release, for example, such slots can be found in the assortment of Novomatic and EGT.

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