Heroes – popular theme of slots in online casinos

The movie theme is quite common in the genre of gambling entertainment, so the heroes of your favorite stories can become your companions in the casino. This category of machines is distinguished by a variable approach to creating a playing field – different number of paylines, the presence of wild symbols and bonus rounds. Depending on which characters you prefer and how you are accustomed to online gambling machines , you can choose slot machines with the desired characteristics.

Genres and features of slots

Slots dedicated to hero stories touch the world of comics, historical facts and world culture. The main distinguishing feature is the complete coincidence of graphic elements and design with the original, so that fans immediately recognize familiar faces and can immerse themselves in the twists and turns of the plot. The devices with colorful visualization have other features: in each game there is a main character who can bring free spins to the player. If you collect a line from the images of this character, then you can spin the reels for free and fund your account.

Prize combinations can be made up of pictures that are thematically related to the main storyline. In addition to the standard set of symbols with a prize coefficient, there are additional games with increased bonuses and progressive jackpots in the games. Bonus games are only triggered after a spin has brought a certain set of symbols. Thematically, these games will be related to the main character.

Hero-themed slot machines became popular in the mid-2000s, and many developers began to draw inspiration from popular films and TV series. At the same time, manufacturers try to adhere to modern trends and use the most popular characters for their entertainment. For example, after the resounding success of Game of Thrones Not much time has passed since the slot of the same name appeared, quickly reaching the top lines of the rating.

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