Food – unusual theme for gambling

Sometimes food becomes the main character of slot machines, and this unusual approach gives excellent results. Games dedicated to various dishes and sweets are delicious in the literal sense of the word. Designers create an original story filled with unique and charismatic characters, so players play slots in this genre over and over again.

Features and graphics

Slots of this type may have a different number of reels and paylines, but there is something in common among all the entertainment in this category. The standard set of symbols is diluted with bonus combinations and additional rounds, during which you can download real money slots win free spins and increased odds.

Juicy fruits and mouth-watering dishes – it is a great theme for creating a compelling story, and the machines are designed for players of all preferences. During the distribution, there is always an opportunity to get a line of wild symbols and launch a special level with free spins. Games that use fruits are very popular among players, but some developers try to use more specific themes. For example, a slot can be dedicated to national cuisine or please a gambler with everyday dishes.

All developers are happy to use the theme of food, and every major developer has such slots. Microgaming offers to explore the peculiarities of Japanese cuisine, RTG has created an automatic machine where pizzas and pies flicker on the reels. Traditional dishes of different nations have not been forgotten either: Betsoft has a device dedicated to Italian dishes. Despite the unusual choice of the theme, each slot of this genre attracts the attention of players, and the developers complement the colorful graphics of the game with interesting bonus rounds. Amatic has released a slot machine where fruits are involved in the distribution, and during the spin it is possible to collect a line from certain symbols and get 15 free spins.

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