Casino etiquette - rules of conduct

Modern high-end casinos are regarded as serious establishments with strict rules that are the same for every player.

In fact, if casinos did not have rules of conduct and norms of etiquette, then real chaos would be created in them. As a wise man once said: "where there is a crowd, there is a conflict."

Therefore, we offer you to study the following tips for observing the rules of etiquette inside the casino. Decent behavior will avoid humiliating situations and will help in case of misunderstanding. This way you can focus on the main gameplay and, as a result, have more fun playing virtual money slots .

Casino Etiquette: Basic Recommendations

  • When playing on slot machines, take only one place. Playing on more than one machine doesn't really affect your chances of winning. So don't be selfish and let other people play;
  • Do not be away for a long time when playing slots or at one of the tables. Leaving your sweater on the back of a chair or upturned chip cup on the machine can simply signal that you will be back soon. If you are going to have a snack or start playing in another place - free up the current place of the game;
  • Use an ashtray while smoking and do so in designated areas. Don't even think about puffing in non-smoking areas;
  • Stay calm and don't let your emotions influence your behavior. You should not blame your problems on the dealer or other players if you are in a bad mood;
  • Try not to talk to other players at all - no advice, jokes or insults (especially the last point);
  • Stop playing if you are tired or in a bad mood;
  • Have fun and enjoy the game as much as possible, but remember: chips = real money;

Casino Etiquette: Game Tips

  • If the dealer deals face-up cards when playing blackjack, never touch them, as these are the rules. When the cards are dealt face down, this behavior is obvious;
  • When playing roulette, wait until the dealer removes the marker and only then place a bet on the next move;
  • When playing with dice, always throw them in such a way that they hit the opposite side of the table - this will guarantee random numbers;
  • Make sure you know exactly all the rules and aspects of the game before taking part in it. You should also know all the limits of this table, the size and value of the bets, so as not to be exposed to ridicule.

Compliance with the recommendations in casino etiquette will help to avoid ridiculous actions on your part and will help prevent mistakes, for which you sometimes have to pay.

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