Comics – unusual heroes in the casino

Comics have become a massive phenomenon in modern culture, and graphic stories are gaining more and more fans among fans of exciting adventures. This theme did not pass by the developers of gaming software, and now the halls of clubs are already decorating slot machines in this genre with recognizable main characters.

Colorful graphics and genre features

Comic-themed slots duplicate characters that exist in books and on TV. Even if you're not into stories like this, you are familiar with Batman and Catwoman. Major casino slot machine manufacturers are picking up the craze and releasing slots and real money mobile gambling featuring familiar heroes from DC and Marvel. Each creator has unique universes in which heroes fight evil in all its forms. It was these stories that inspired the developers, so that familiar images flicker on the drums. & Nbsp;

Comic-themed slot machines are interesting not only for their original design, but also for their characteristic features. Each simulator contains bonus rounds and bonus combinations with free spins – This approach enlivens the distribution process itself, and each spin takes place at a frantic pace of expectation of a win. The set of thematic pictures may contain wild symbols and special pictures with increased multipliers, so we recommend that you first try the slots in the training mode.

Apparatuses on this topic come out with an enviable frequency, because the world of comics is constantly expanding. In the last few years, film adaptations of major graphic stories have become major hits in theaters, and developers have begun to use not only drawn characters, but also their prototypes in films. Designers are keen to incorporate superheroes into their games because fantastic stories like these have tremendous creativity.

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